Supporting you during lockdown


August 2020

The impending lockdown is absolutely essential to suppress or, hopefully, eliminate the presence of Covid-19 in our community. Whilst many of us will not be looking forward to the lockdown period and its impact on our financial situation, we should emerge with much better case numbers, the associated lower loss of life and greater certainty about our future.

Our office is now closed but the entire team are working from home. We remain ready and willing to provide you with all our normal services and products. This newsletter is aimed at helping you to understand some of the changes which will apply during the lockdown period.


Our telephones will still be manned during normal business hours. To ensure your enquiry is dealt with as efficiently as possible, would you please send your enquiry by email to the person who seems best able to answer your query by referring to the list at the end of this newsletter. If you’re unsure, please send an email to

Items you send to us by post will continue to be delivered. From there, the items you have sent us will be converted to electronic copy.
Please do not use the mailbox at the office.
Please send documents to
HHG Foothills
PO BOX 887
Lilydale VIC 3140

We would ask that whenever possible, to ensure prompt delivery, please use email. The postal system will be heavily loaded and delays should be expected.


General enquiries –
To make an appointment –
Appointments will be conducted via phone or zoom
Submission of electronic Tax Documents –

We look forward to the resumption of normality when it is safe to “come out”. Until then, we wish you all the best and trust that you will look after yourselves and those in your circle who you know to be vulnerable and lacking the resilience that you have.

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