New Year Financial Resolutions 2015


New Year Financial resolutions 2015 – Part 2

Part 1 of our New Year financial resolutions list included:

  1. New year financial resolution 1 – Set a long-term financial goal
  2. New year financial resolution 2 – Look after your financial health
  3. New year financial resolution 3 – Sort out your superannuation
  4. New year financial resolution 4 – Cut out wasteful spending
  5. New year financial resolution 5 – Set short-term financial goals

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Here are 5 more New Year financial resolutions to consider for 2015

New year financial resolution 6 – prepare for retirement

It doesn’t matter if retirement is in a few years or a decade or two; it’s never too early to plan for how you would like to retire.

Coming to grips with planning for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. 

Our financial planners can help you with your retirement planning.

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New year financial resolution 7 – check your insurance cover

When was the last time you checked your insurance coverage?

There are a lot of insurances to consider from health insurance, to life insurance and income insurance and your home and car insurances.

Checking your insurances every year is important so you can feel confident that you and your family’s needs are covered.


New year financial resolution 8 – Update your estate planning documents

Are you a Generation X or Y and think that estate planning is only for ‘oldies’?

Or maybe you think you haven’t got enough money to even bother about it all!

Estate planning isn’t all about dividing your assets when you’re no longer here and avoiding taxes.

It also includes looking at the beneficiaries you’ve nominated in your superannuation account.


New year financial resolution 9 – Create an emergency fund

Do you have a bank account that’s got between 3 and 6 months worth of necessary living expenses in it?

If you’re like most Generation X, Generation Y and baby boomers you haven’t – but it’s not hard to start one in 2015.

You may be thinking, “Why bother?”

What if you’re injured at work and even with income insurance you don’t have enough money to sustain the lifestyle you’re used to?

An account with a few months of living expenses in it can give you peace of mind and if you never have to access it? You could consider adding it to your retirement fund!


New year financial resolution 10 – Get financial advice

There’s lot of ways to get financial education now. From online research to talking to your friends at the next BBQ you attend.

But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for…”

Creating a plan for your financial future doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful.

Sitting down with a financial planner who takes the time to understand your lifestyle goals and circumstances can help you live the life you dream about.

Our financial planners in Lilydale, Melbourne’s eastern suburbs would love to help you fulfil your New Years financial resolutions.


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